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Dates and Application Information

TMI Application Information

Application Summary:

  • The application must include a handwritten signature.
  • The application deadlines must be observed (dates below). Completion of this application does not guarantee acceptance to the Teach Mississippi Institute.
  • The non-refundable $40 application fee should be made payable to The University of Mississippi.
  • Applicants must submit a background check (either the memo from school/district discussed in the background check section or a background check through Applicants will NOT receive notification of acceptance into the program until TMI Online calculates GPA -AND- receives an acceptable background check. The fee for using is $40 paid directly to the vendor (this $40 fee is in addition to the application fee).
  • All transcripts must be submitted via e-script (if your institution offers it) to –OR- a sealed envelope bearing the seal or signature of the registrar.  If sent by mail, you can either:
    • Ask the institution to mail your transcripts directly to TMI Online, -OR-
    • Ask the institution to mail your transcripts to you (may be stamped “student issued”) then you may mail them to TMI. If you select this method, do not open the sealed envelope, as the transcript will no longer be deemed official, thus we cannot accept it.
  • Test scores must be submitted as originals. Select the Teach Mississippi Institute Recipient Code (1806) when you register for your Praxis exams (add 7599 also if taking Praxis outside of Mississippi) –OR- e- mail the locked PDF of your official Praxis scores to If you have not taken both Praxis Exams, make sure you put these institutional codes in when you register for your next exam; scores from the first exam will be included with the second. No printed copies will be accepted.  ACT scores can be sent to TMI (ACT Code 1432) as well as the MDE (ACT Code 9072) in place of a Praxis Core score. Do not wait to send scores. Scores should be sent to TMI and MDE during the process of applying to TMI, not upon completion of TMI
  • All candidates in the TMI program must attend the MANDATORY orientation in Oxford at the Jackson Avenue Center (1111 West Jackson Avenue, Oxford, MS 38655; this is not the UM Campus). There will be NO EXCEPTIONS granted.
  • Please make all checks or money orders payable to “University of Mississippi” and mail the completed application to:

    Outreach and Continuing Education
    Teach Mississippi Institute
    P.O. Box 1848
    University, MS 38677

Application Checklist

  • Signed Application – Due by Friday, August 10, 2018
  • $40 Application Fee – Friday, August 10, 2018
  • Completed Background Check – Friday, August 17, 2018
  • Official College Transcript* – unofficial of ALL attended institutions by Friday, August 10, 2018; official showing at least Bachelor’s degree before completion
  • Praxis Core Test Scores* – official score required for completion
  • Praxis Subject Assessment Test Score*– official score required for completion

* Candidates may be conditionally accepted into the program and begin coursework prior to passing the Praxis Core, Praxis Subject Assessment, and/or final undergraduate course.  However, candidates will not be allowed to complete TMI 1 without providing these supplemental materials prior to the posted deadlines.

Important TMI Dates


Teach Mississippi Institute 1 2017-2018 Schedule Fall 2018 Spring 2019
TMI 1 Application Deadline 8/10/18 1/30/2019
TMI 1 Completed Background Check Due 8/17/18 2/8/2019
TMI 1 Payment #1 Due ($340 for Standard or Deferred Payment Options) 8/17/18 2/8/2019
TMI 1 Mandatory Orientation (Oxford, MS) 8/25/18 2/16/2019
TMI 1 Standard Payment Option Payment #2 Due ($620) 8/25/18 2/16/2019
TMI 1 Usernames and Passwords emailed to students 8/29/18 2/20/2019
TMI 1 Deferred Payment Option Payment #2 Due ($340) 9/14/18 3/1/2019
TMI 1 Reduction of Observation Hours Deadline 9/14/18 3/12/2019
TMI 1 Deferred Payment Option Payment #3 Due ($340) 10/17/18 4/5/2019
TMI 1 Common Core Live Session (Raymond, MS) 10/20/2018 3/16/2019
TMI 1 Field Experience Due 11/19/18 5/7/2019
TMI 1 Coursework Final Deadline (no assignments accepted after this date) 11/26/18  5/13/2019
TMI 1  Supplemental materials deadline (passing Praxis Core scores, passing Praxis II scores, official transcript, and extension request) 2/28/19 8/14/2019
TMI 1 Extended deadline for supplemental materials (must request, pay for, and be approved for an extension) 8/1/19 1/15/2020


Teach Mississippi Institute 2  2017-2018 Schedule Fall 2018 Spring 2019
TMI 2 Application Deadline 8/10/18 1/11/2019
TMI 2 Live Session #1 (Oxford, MS) 8/18/18 1/19/2019
TMI 2 Mentor Submission Deadline 8/22/18 1/23/2019
TMI 2 Usernames and Passwords emailed to students 8/22/18 1/23/2019
TMI 2 Payment #1 ($375) 9/1/18 1/14/2019
TMI 2 Withdrawal Deadline 9/20/18 2/9/2019
TMI 2 Payment #2 ($375) 10/1/18 2/11/2019
TMI 2 Payment #3 ($375) 11/1/18 3/11/2019
TMI 2 Live Session #2  (Raymond, MS) 10/20/2018 3/16/2019
TMI 2 Coursework Final Deadline (no assignments accepted after this date) 12/1/18 5/8/2019
TMI 2 Payment #4 ($375) 12/1/18 4/15/2019

You should apply if you have:

  • earned a bachelor's degree in a non-education area from a nationally/regionally accredited institution of higher learning (or are entering your final semester), and
  • possess extensive knowledge of art, biology, chemistry, Chinese, economics, English, family & consumer sciences, French, German, health, Latin, library/media, marketing, mathematics, music, physical education, physics, mathematics, social studies, Spanish, speech communications, or special education, and
  • want a secure and rewarding career that will impact hundreds of lives,

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