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Due to COVID-19, testing has been suspended for Alternate Route. In order for the suspension to apply, a candidate must complete TMI 1 and have all materials to MDE to apply for the TMI 1 license by 12/31/2021. Candidates that complete TMI 1 prior to 12/31/21 will have until the TMI 1 license expires to complete TMI 2 and teach for one year (internship) in order to upgrade to the standard license.  These candidates will NOT be required to take the exams to upgrade their license after TMI 2. In order to complete TMI 1, you must have either the hours in a subject area (see Alternate Route Required Tests page) or a passing Praxis Subject Assessment.

TMI 1 Admission Requirements

What are the TMI 1 Admission Requirements?

TMI Online has two admissions categories: Full Acceptance and Conditional Acceptance (requirements detailed below). Full acceptance applies to an applicant that provides TMI Online all supplemental completion materials (bachelor’s degree transcript, Praxis Core or ACT, and Praxis Subject Assessment). A fully accepted candidate is eligible for a license as soon as all coursework and field experience is completed.

Conditional acceptance is for an applicant in the final undergraduate semester or missing one of the MDE required tests. A conditionally accepted candidate cannot obtain a license until coursework and field experience are completed and all missing supplemental completion materials (bachelor’s degree transcript, Praxis Core or ACT, and Praxis Subject Assessment) are provided to TMI. Moreover, a conditionally accepted candidate must submit these materials by the posted deadline or fail the program. A one-time extension of three months can be purchased to provide additional time to complete testing requirements.

Conditional Acceptance
Full Acceptance
  • Bachelor’s degree -OR- second-semester senior standing (within 15 hours of a Bachelor’s degree) from a nationally/regionally accredited university/college
  • A minimum 2.75 GPA on the TMI Core Curriculum (listed below)
  • Background check with (or district substitution, see below)
  • Bachelor’s degree from a nationally/regionally accredited university/college
  • A minimum 2.75 GPA on the TMI Core Curriculum (listed below)
  • Background check with  (or district substitution, see below)
  • Passing Praxis Core test scores (or ACT composite of 21, no sub-score below 18, or SAT equivalent)
  • Passing Praxis Subject Assessment score in an MDE-approved subject area (see testing information section)

TMI Core Curriculum (42-44 hours)
Hours Curriculum
6 hours Composition: course must have English or Writing Department course prefix
6 hours Social/Behavioral Science: anthropology, economics, geography, history, journalism, political science, psychology, or sociology
6 hours Humanities: African American studies, classics, ethics, gender studies, history, linguistics, literature, modern foreign language, philosophy, religion, Southern Studies, speech
3 hours Fine Art: appreciation course in Art, Art History, Dance, Music, Theatre, etc.
3 hours Math: any college (not developmental) level math except "Real Number System" or "Geometry, Measurement, and Probability"
6-8 hours Lab-based Science: both courses must include or be accompanied by lab credit; astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, physical science, physics
12 hours Restrictive Elective Credit: any college credit  (not already counted above) that would fit into one of the categories listed above
Only the grades for the courses used to satisfy the TMI Core above will be calculated in to determine GPA for program admission (2.75 on the above core is required)

Background Check Information

 All Teach Mississippi Institute candidates must submit to a criminal background check.  After TMI Online receives an application, the applicant is sent an email which includes a reminder of the information below (background check is required for admission).

  • Option 1: In addition to the email from referenced above, everyone will receive an email with a link to the background check directly from However, these emails are not required to initiate the background check. Simply visit, create an account, initiate a background check using the package code TB23, and pay the $40 fee.
  • Option 2: If you work at an MDE-accredited school (and plan on doing all your observation hours at that school), you can request the district office/principal mail/email a memo on district/school letterhead stating that you have passed the background search administered by your school district -AND- have permission to complete your observations at the district/school.

Transcript Information

TMI requires an official college transcript showing a bachelor’s degree (or senior status) from an accredited college or university -AND- all undergraduate coursework (most colleges no longer list transferred coursework on a student’s transcript, thus community college transcripts need to be sent as well). Master’s degree transcripts are not required.  University of Mississippi graduates do NOT need to request a transcript. Institutions can send electronic transcripts to to the attention of Jason Wilkins.

ATTENTION: If you have attained senior status and are within one semester of your degree, TMI Online will need a copy of your transcript for admission -AND- a copy of the transcript once the degree has been conferred and posted (on the transcript).

Conditional Acceptance Information

Candidates may be granted a one-time conditional acceptance into the Teach Mississippi Institute without Praxis Core or Praxis Subject Assessment scores. However, in order to complete TMI 1, conditionally accepted candidates must turn in the above items to TMI Online by the date specified on their acceptance letter.

EFFECTIVE July 1, 2013: If a candidate fails to submit the required materials, thus failing the TMI 1 course, the candidate may only be allowed to rejoin TMI 1 after all requirements have been met.

Notification of Admission

When an application is received, an email is sent confirming receipt and providing background check instructions. Throughout the admission process, emails may be sent to prompt applicant for materials or notify applicant of receipt of materials.

Applicants are admitted on a rolling basis. Candidates are notified of their admission via emails: one with an admission letter, one with an invoice, one with field experience information, and if admit is conditionally accepted, an email with an “orientation agreement” which lists all items needed before TMI 1 can be completed. It is important that the candidate application indicates a working email address.

Submitting Application

To submit an application for TMI, you may mail it with the application fee to our mailing address (on application).  You may also fax the application or upload it to the secure file transfer folder.  Please do not email your application (your SS# is on the application). The secure folder can be accessed using the short link:  or the full link:
If you upload or fax your application, you can mail your application fee separately or pay online after admission.

You should apply if you have:

  • earned a bachelor's degree in a non-education area from a nationally/regionally accredited institution of higher learning (or are entering your final semester), and
  • possess extensive knowledge of art, biology, chemistry, Chinese, economics, English, family & consumer sciences, French, German, health, Latin, library/media, marketing, mathematics, music, physical education, physics, mathematics, social studies, Spanish, speech communications, or special education, and
  • want a secure and rewarding career that will impact hundreds of lives,

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