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Alternate Route Required Tests

To complete TMI 1, all candidates must submit passing scores on the Praxis Core (or ACT/SAT replacement) and provide a passing Praxis Subject Assessment from this document.  Below is general information about these exams, including where to go to sign up, score recipient codes you enter during registration, and substitutions allowed by MDE (for Praxis Core). 

Praxis Core

Praxis Core (or ACT/SAT replacement) is required of all candidates for licensure.  To take all three sections in one sitting, use Test Code 5752.  Click the “Content Area” name to access the ETS Preparation page dedicated to that exam.

Content Area Test Code Min. Score
Reading 5713 156
Writing 5723 162
Mathematics 5733 130


Praxis: Subject Assessment

A passing score on at least one of the Praxis Subject Assessments from the list below is required for admission to TMI and for licensure. Click the “Subject Area” name to access the ETS Preparation page dedicated to that exam.

Approved Subject Area Test Code Min. Score
Art (K-12) 5134 158
Biology (7-12) 5235 150
Business Education (7-12) 5101 153
Chemistry (7-12) 5245 151
Chinese (K-12) 5665 164
Economics (7-12) 5911 150
English (7-12) 5038 167
Family & Consumer Science (7-12) 5122 153
French (K-12) 5174 153
German (K-12) 5183 154
Health (K-12) 5551 149
Latin (K-12) 5601 152
Library/Media (K-12) 5311 143
Marketing Education (7-12) 5561 151
Mathematics (7-12) 5161 152
Music (K-12) 5113 161
Physical Education (K-12) 5091 145
Physics (7-12) 5265 139
Social Studies (7-12) 5081 150
Spanish (K-12) 5195 160
Speech Communications (7-12) 5221 143
Special Education (K-12) 5354 152

For the most up-to-date list of these acceptable exams as well as additional exams that can be taken for supplemental endorsement, visit the ETS stie.

Praxis: General Information

The Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (referred to as Praxis Core) and the Praxis Subject Assessment (previously known as Praxis II) exams are offered through ETS (Educational Testing Services). We encourage candidates to review the Praxis website as well as the list of exams approved by the Mississippi Department of Education. Please note the MDE list includes exams used for undergraduate program completion, as well as exams used for supplemental endorsements; not all exams lead to licensure. Alternate route candidates must take one of the Praxis Subject Assessments specifically approved for licensure.

Praxis: Attending Institution and Designated Score Recipients

When registering for any Praxis exam, you will be prompted to provide an attending institution (where training is being done) and designated score recipients (where your Praxis score report should be sent). Enter the TMI institutional code 1806 into these sections. If you are taking a Praxis exam outside of Mississippi (or online using the “Praxis at Home” testing option), you should include the MDE institutional code 7599 in the score recipient section.You may enter up to four institutional codes during Praxis registration for free. Failure to enter the institutional codes during registration leads to spending additional funds sending score reports at a later time.

Your score report will be posted to your “My Praxis Account” section of the Praxis website. The score report is made available to you in the form of a locked PDF. Be sure to save the locked PDF score report before it is removed from the ETS portal (about a year after testing). TMI Online can accept this file as an official score report.

Praxis: Testing Windows and Additional Attempts

The Praxis Core is given on a continuous basis. That means that if the testing center is open, it is offering Praxis Core testing (though COVID protocols may be affecting the number of seats available for each time slot.) Many Praxis Subject Assessments are also offered on a continuous basis. However, some are offered in testing windows. This means there are only certain dates available to sign up for an exam. Visit the ETS Praxis site to find out when an exam is offered (also lists when results would be available for the test date). The Praxis Core, or individual sections of the Praxis Core, can only be taken once every 21 days. The Praxis Subject Assessment can be taken only once in any single testing window.

Praxis: Testing Locations

With few exceptions, Praxis exams are offered as computerized exams at testing centers –OR– if a candidate meets certain equipment qualifications, he/she may be able to register to take the exam with an online proctor from home computer. To find out more about the testing at home option or find the closest testing center on the ETS Praxis site.

Praxis: Scores

Your test results become available 10-16 business days after a testing window closes (not 10-16 business days after you take the exam). Score reports are posted to candidates’ ETS account first, normally about a week before any institution (such as the MDE or TMI) is permitted access. The score report can be saved from the candidate’s ETS account as a “locked PDF.” This score report is both the candidate’s copy, and if emailed as a “locked PDF,” can be used as an official score report. Candidates should be sure they save the file as it will disappear from their ETS account page after one year.

How to Register for Praxis Exams

Visit the Praxis website for information on how to register for an exam.

Praxis® Testing Locations
Ellisville, MS … (601) 578-3389
Flowood, MS … (601) 664-9960
Hattiesburg, MS … (601) 266-6123
Memphis, TN … (901) 678-1457
Memphis, TN … (901) 756-1425
Meridian, MS … (601) 484-8724
Metaire, LA … (504) 834-2155
Mobile, AL … (251) 345-1704
Monroe, LA … (318) 345-9246
Monticello, AR … (870) 460-1454
New Orleans, LA … (504) 280-8378
Oxford, MS … (662) 915-6501
Starkville, MS … (662) 325-6610

ACT/SAT Replacement for the Praxis Core Exam

If you have a 21 composite score on the ACT, you are exempt from taking the Praxis Core. TMI Online can accept scores listed on an official high school transcript (sent directly from the school) or official electronic scores (ACT Code 1432). Official scores must also be sent to the Mississippi Department of Education (ACT Code 9072). Sending ACT scores can be slow; so we advise sending scores to TMI and MDE during the application process to prevent delays in getting licensed. Please note that if scores are sent by ACT to UM, TMI Online cannot access the scores until the scores are entered into the UM campus management system (this can take up to six weeks), so please use TMI code (1432) instead of the UM code.

Candidates may take the ACT instead of taking the Praxis Core.” The ACT is more cost-effective, but more difficult for most candidates. Candidates must take the ACT on a national test date and do not need to sign up for the Writing section (just the standard ACT: English, Math, Reading, and Science sections).

SAT score of 1060 (on the new 1600 point ERW+M SAT) can be substituted for the ACT. The SAT has changed twice in recent years (new concordance values reported by CollegeBoard in Spring 2016).  Email for directions on getting SAT scores to TMI Online and the MDE for a ruling if you believe your scores may be good (for example, the current 1060 score equates to about 980 on the old 1600 point SAT or about 1450 on the old 2400 point SAT).

You should apply if you have:

  • earned a bachelor's degree in a non-education area from a nationally/regionally accredited institution of higher learning (or are entering your final semester), and
  • possess extensive knowledge of art, biology, chemistry, Chinese, economics, English, family & consumer sciences, French, German, health, Latin, library/media, marketing, mathematics, music, physical education, physics, mathematics, social studies, Spanish, speech communications, or special education, and
  • want a secure and rewarding career that will impact hundreds of lives,

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