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TMI 2 Admission and Information

TMI 1 Completion and Applying for License

Upon successful completion of the first component (TMI 1), including passing scores on the Praxis Core (or ACT) and Praxis Subject Assessment, candidates may apply to the Mississippi Department of Education for a non-renewable temporary license good for up to three years (all license years expire on June 30 each year, so if you apply for a license at Christmas, your license will expire on June 30, two and a half years later). Candidates receive license application instructions via email and mail upon completion of TMI 1.

Does TMI assist with job placement or recommendations?

No, not directly. Included in the materials emailed and mailed to candidates upon completion are instructions on accessing existing MDE employment resources, including job postings and getting added to the database of available certified teachers. TMI instructors and staff cannot write letters of recommendation for candidates. If a letter of recommendation is needed, a candidate should rely upon instructors/school officials who observed him/her during field experience. However, TMI can write letters of good standing or completion that detail your enrollment or completion of the TMI program to assist you in the job search while the MDE is reviewing you application.

How do I enroll in TMI 2?

The first step in enrolling in TMI 2 is to secure an appropriate teaching position. Once employed, a candidate may sign up for the next session of TMI 2 by completing a web form to provide employment information. The link to this web form is included in the TMI 1 completion materials AND it will be emailed to all prospective TMI 2 candidates two months prior to the start of each TMI 2 term. Candidates should update TMI Online anytime their email address changes to ensure the link is received. Candidates may also email at any time to request the link.

TMI 2 Internship

In order to receive a standard five-year renewable Mississippi teacher’s license, a candidate must complete a teaching internship. For candidates seeking licensure through TMI, the internship is the teaching position secured with the license obtained from TMI 1. During this first year of employment, candidates are paid the same as any first year teacher.

TMI 2 Mentor

Once a job has been secured and a candidate has enrolled in TMI 2, the candidate (along with the guidance of the candidate’s principal) will select a mentor teacher from their school. This mentor will serve as a resource to the TMI 2 student as well as submit evaluations of the candidate’s progress. TMI Online compensates the mentor.

TMI 2 Completion

Successful completion of the second component and a year of employment (the internship) will result in a standard five-year renewable Mississippi teacher’s license.

You should apply if you have:

  • earned a bachelor's degree in a non-education area from a nationally/regionally accredited institution of higher learning (or are entering your final semester), and
  • possess extensive knowledge of art, biology, chemistry, Chinese, economics, English, family & consumer sciences, French, German, health, Latin, library/media, marketing, mathematics, music, physical education, physics, mathematics, social studies, Spanish, speech communications, or special education, and
  • want a secure and rewarding career that will impact hundreds of lives,

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